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STP – A presentation for core Regional Real Estate Producers

Serve to protect has worked with DocuWrx in the production of a presentation to core stakeholders of its business, that of Real Estate, Wealth Management and Legal Sectors. I am sure you will enjoy the content. Thank You.

Serve to Protect Presentation


A 2 Home

A 2 Home as a tool to diversify your long term investments. Much has been said about Real Estate since 2007. The recent volatility in the equity markets has made a 2 home a good option to help diversify your portfolio risk. Low Interest rates are still attractive if you can find a bank willing to play. Not an easy task-despite one recent controversial super bowl ad!

Some may see Real Estate as an Illiquid Investment, but it has performed extremely well as an asset class in the long run. Portfolio diversification always makes sense, irrespective of the strategy chosen. Nevertheless, looking out of your window and enjoying our beautiful Sarasota weather is a return on investment that cannot be quantified in monetary terms.

If you are about to make a decision on purchasing a home in the Sarasota Region or you are already a 2 home owner, we are here to support your investment. Serve To Protect helps provide peace of mind when you are away, and peace of mind and support when you are at home.

We are here to serve you 24/7, 365 days a year. Please contact us ! – Alan Pollak

Understand and Embrace Technology

“What’s interesting about marketing is that I feel that we’ve actually evolved quickly and adapted more to the changing landscape of technology (than other industries.) And, ultimately, the people in the real world — we’re going to call them consumers but they’re people — are happy to be entertained and they’re happy to be informed. So, if a brand is able to be able to provide those experiences, they’re happy to watch what the brand has put in front of them and they’ll opt into it. There are lots of examples of brands creating digital experiences and content platforms.

Camilla Kemp – COO M&C Saatchi

Your Brand and Reputation

“Your Brand is created on the work you do. Your Reputation is about the Excellence of what you deliver for your Clients”.

Camilla Kemp, COO – M&C Saatchi.