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Home Watch Real Estate Support Services

Home Watch Services Support And Complement Real Estate Sector Performance

25 years of living abroad as absentee home-home owners and property sellers have provided Serve to Protect with ample experience and knowledge in working with the Real Estate sector. We value their time and experience as much as we value our own.  Some key important takeaways are as follows:

“Curb appeal” is imperative to the listing process, because first impressions count.  That is what will feed the buyer’s imagination, always coming back to your property when the desire to buy kicks in.

Due to the frailty of the market a couple of years ago, our property was listed for over 180 days and in our experience, the two tips we can deliver are the following. Keep your Landscaper/Gardener and your House cleaner coming every 15 days and contact us to work with your realtor.

Living abroad our home was listed for sale
Living abroad our home was listed for sale

Properties Listed for Sale

While your Home is being listed, allow your Realtor to focus on selling your property while we home watch the property.  Allow us to take care of the details and support you when third party services are required.

Weekly Home Watch Services for absentee home-owners listed properties.

•  Home Sitting for property Pre-closing Inspections and/or maintenance and cleaning.


Properties Recently Purchased 

Serve To Protect, LLC will continue to support you after your purchase
Post Closing Support, Serve To Protect would have provided Peace of mind for us

While living abroad we did not have someone to Home Watch our property. This is the basis for creating Serve to Protect, LLC.

As the property changes hands, The new owners could use the services of Serve to Protect for their future home watch needs, included but not limited to the following:

Property Security Assessments Recommendations on Security for absentee home owners.

Emergency Alarm response services – Working with Alarm companies and becoming Key holders (we are You) while you are away!

Weekly Visitation Home-Watch Services 

House-sitting for Third Party Service Providers (Painting, Re-modeling etc.) Including KEY/LOCK Replacement and Identifying reliable basic service providers (Landscaping, Pool Services etc.)*

Check out what is happening
We are your eyes while you are away!

Properties under Construction 

We believe in building relationships one brick at a time, Sarasota is growing and there are many houses in construction with residents planning on moving 1-3 years from now.  See your project executed and see how things change from Month to Month.

Periodic Monthly Construction Progress Monitoring (Media Content) visitations

Please contact us for a complimentary Home visit by Submitting an Inquiry or by giving us a Call at (844) 727-2723. Allow us to provide you Peace of mind while you are away and exceed your expectations.