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The importance of “curb-appeal” when listing your property for sale.

The first Impression always counts, “Curb-appeal” is so important when listing your property, allow us at Serve to Protect to provide you with additional Peace of Mind. 

As we all know the sales listing process is sometimes lengthy. A good realtor is critical because they can represent you, and importantly, give you good advice with respect to the market and recommended price ranges you should consider. Sometimes, the sales process can take 90-120 days or longer.

If the property under consideration is unoccupied,  you should seriously consider using the services of a trusted home-watch provider. Your home should look immaculate at all times, and if repairs are required, they should be attended to promptly.  Please take your time to check out our Home Watch Real Estate Services

First impressions count. Your ability to sell your property in the shortest time and at the best price possible is directly correlated to what insiders refer to as “curb appeal.” A buyer will seriously consider a bid if the property is pristine and well looked after.

A good home watch service provider will not sell your property. They will assist in the selling process by bringing peace of mind to the seller that there is a caretaker looking after your best interests. Weekly visits with detailed date/time stamped reports are also helpful so as to show the prospective buyer that the home has been taken care for, through the listing process.

Please contact us at to schedule your complimentary house visit, we will be delighted to assist you in this critical process.


Danielle Pollak
Danielle Pollak
Serve To Protect, LLC


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