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Building Relationships One Brick at a Time with Serve To Protect

Serve To Protect your #investment while you are away!

What made you decide to invest in #Sarasota? Did your job bring you here? Did family bring you here? Winter was coming and it became unbearable; therefore, was your answer living half the year as a #snowbird? Investing in a property whether you want to play Golf, Surf or simply be near our beautiful Beaches; can be very painless just hire us, that is the key! Vist Programs.

Now what? Who is taking care of your investment?

Check out what is happening
We are your eyes while you are away!


Many families decide to buy property and built houses with a 3-year plan. There are many new constructions in the market and Sarasota is Growing. We at Serve to Protect, LLC understand the anxiety of not being able to watch closely your property development.

If you are someone whose property is just a project still waiting to happen. We can help as well.

As our client, our services will include weekly visitations to properties being developed, it gives you access to reports sent by email,  time and date stamped pictures on the progress of your property. Whatever is sent and more will be stored in our Portal with your own login and password for your keepsake and viewing pleasure.

We will be building a relationship with you, our client, as well as your builders because taking care of your property should start as soon as your first brick is on the ground. One brick at a time is the foundation of our trust and Excellence.

Are you thinking about leaving #SRQ and selling your property?

No worries, we are here to offer you peace of mind during your selling process as well. Opening the property for third parties is not your Realtors responsibility, allow us to work with your realtor closely. Being able to be there to make sure your property is looking good allows your realtor to focus on what is really important: The sale of your property.

We are here to take care of your interests while you are away, we will be You here in #SRQ providing you with peace of mind and helping you understand that we will be “YOU” while you are away. We have been in your situation and we understand your headaches. Schedule a complimentary visit today. Click here to request a visit by sending us an Inquiry.

If you just arrived, are in the process of building, or are you just moving in? Come meet us, you will love our energy and we will start one brick at a time.

Danielle Pollak
Danielle Pollak
Serve To Protect, LLC



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