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A Tip from STPFL on mitigating remedies for frozen pipes up north.

Sunday, January 7, 2018


Winter Storm

As you probably heard by now, JFK terminal 4 baggage claim was flooded this afternoon due to the freezing of the main water pipe.

As we hibernate in SRQ this extraordinary winter season, this event highlights the true predicament of the absentee homeowner. Is one of our homes safe when we are enjoying the benefits of our seasonal second home?

The purpose of this short note is to not inform ourselves about how to winterize our homes. You have probably done this before leaving and we do not wish to waste your valuable time by irritating you with this type of Monday morning quarterback talk.


We wish to nevertheless mention some useful steps you may wish to take next week, as the weather starts warming up and our pipes start to thaw out.

Someone must inspect your property ASAP

The purpose of this visit is to make sure that if no damage has already occurred, you may mitigate further damage in the following months ahead.

1.- Open all water faucets and flush all toilets. If the faucets and/or toilets do not run or have very low pressure, it is a sure sign that the pipe is freezing or frozen. By running the water faucets, you may also relieve the pressure that ultimately breaks piping.

2.- if you suspect you have a frozen pipe, make sure that the main water valve at your home is turned completely off. When water is not coming out of a specific tap or refilling a specific toilet, gently warm the connecting pipe with a hairdryer, starting at the faucet and working back.

Seek help immediately by calling a plumber. A broken water pipe is a very expensive repair job, especially if not treated in time.

Serve to Protect LLC visits your home here in Sarasota on a regular basis when you are absent. A Weekly inspection of your winter home is also a basic necessity; to assure that your electric supply and heating are working properly.



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