Dear Family, Friends & Community, I need your help! This is my #CallToAction to Benefit Kids & Adults, who are suffering from Muscular Dystrophy, #ALS. I need you to Bail Me Out! and any amount counts, every penny adds up. Click Here to Donate!

So here is my scandalous news to share.

It seems that I’m going to be doing a little bit of time behind bars. Yes, that’s right — me, in the slammer — here’s the low-down. I am doing a little time, to do a lot of good!

I’m getting ‘locked-up’ – But here is what I found out about myself!

My First Impression:

When I was presented with the opportunity to support MDA’s lifesaving mission, a great sense of excitement came over me. The feeling of #Power that came along with the desire to help the organization by collaborating with them to make a difference in someone else’s life other than my own became simply #Priceless.

Why, Is This Experience Priceless?

Firstly, owning to the fact that this is granting me the chance to reach out to YOU!, who will help indirectly provide the ALS Community with #Support, #Strength, #Independence, and #Peaceofmind while understanding the importance that ANY AMOUNT OF $$$ COUNTS, is valuable. Even more valuable was becoming fully aware that separating the synergy between #MonetaryProsperity and the abundance of #QualityOfLife was wrong, they come hand in hand specially for the fight against ALS.

Secondly, An odd uneasy feeling came over me, in the same space as excitement; it was anxiety, in the anticipation to my arrest. At first, I did not understand why I was feeling such a negative feeling about something that was not going to affect my records, and time spent in Jail was not going to be significant. Then I became conscious of how I viewed the #ProcessOfTime, it allowed my shift to happen, it became a #NewPerspective.

Lastly, The Shift

How valuable and powerful time is, we take it for granted, allow it to go by, not fully understanding that it will never come back. As we undervalue our time, ALS families and friends go through tribulation, seeing time moving slowly when pain is present , and in pain’s absence, time runs! Time is transformed to valuable seconds called miracles, time well spend in the midst of #hope, #joy and love. So, how can you help?

Please make a #Tax-Deductible Donation today to help me break out of jail and more importantly, to #support the mission of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, which helps with the following:

1- Giving Monetary Prosperity – will facilitate to Find #Research breakthroughs across diseases to accelerate treatments and #cures.

2- Care for kids and adults from day one. Providing them with Quality of Life.

3- Abundance of both will #Empower families with services and support in #hometowns across #America.

Deadline: The day this happens is March 8th, but I’m raising bail before I go to jail. So, Please Bail Me Out! Click Here!

Please visit my personal fundraising page to help individuals living with these muscle-debilitating diseases in our community today!

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Thanks in advance for your help. Don’t hesitate to call or email me with questions.


Alan Pollak

Serve To Protect, LLC

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