Frequently Asked Questions
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1.- Home inspections. Are they really necessary?

Frequent home inspections do not replace security systems. They are not necessary. They are vital. Frequent visits can detect a problem in the making and by timely detection, reduce expensive damage remediation.

2.- Frequency of Home inspections. Once a week or once a month?

Once a week is not only preventative but also necessary. Anything can happen at any given point during day or night. Imagine a leak on a Monday, until it’s discovered and taken action days go by and the problem gets bigger. A house should be inspected at least once a week.

3.- Is the cost warranted?

The cost of weekly visits is amply warranted for two basic reasons. Firstly as a preventative measure to make sure that your home is healthy. Secondly and most importantly; if it’s not; to stop costs spiraling upwards due to lack of remedial action.

4.- Insurance Costs and Claim Adjustments.

A supervised property can, in certain cases reduce your costs and increase the probability of recouping Claims. Please consult your Insurance Professional.

5.- If I am in Temporary Residence. Do I need House sitting?

Depends on the definition of time management. We gladly house sit on your behalf if you do not wish to await the electrician or plumber.

6.- Can the Services of Serve To Protect help me sell my house?

A carefully maintained home is better valued than an unkept one. Real estate will deteriorate rapidly if the home has the appearance of being unkept or has been damaged. Serve to Protect can support the sales process by helping you increase your home’s “curb appeal”.

7.- Security Assessment. Is this necessary?

Every home has its strengths and weaknesses. No security assessment will guarantee that there may not be future events. The value of the assessment is not to only recommend on how to “harden” your home from potential intrusions, but more importantly;  how to protect your family from harm in case unforeseen events.

8.- Emergency Alarm Response Services. Are they necessary?

Yes. A timely local response is vital for your peace of mind and importantly the wellbeing of your property. The timeliness of the response and the timeliness of the followthrough are critical to the wellbeing your property. Break-ins involve property damage. We are here to support you in getting these repairs made. We respond 365 days a year from 8 AM to 8 PM.

9.- There are other Property Managers. Why Serve To Protect?

Serve to protect is not a property manager. Serve To Protect is formed as a Family Office Service that caters to the needs of the property owners. Serve To Protect does not work with third Party vendors or is affiliated to the real estate sector. Our only commitment is to you. Our trade is Serving to Protect.

10.- Can the services of Serve to Protect increase the sale of real estate in the Region?

Yes. It is well documented that potential real estate buyers could be dissuaded from a purchase if the challenges of overseeing and maintaining a property from afar outweigh the benefits of seasonal rentals. Serve to Protect, can assist the real estate professional if its services are offered early in the prospective sales process.

11.- Third party Vendors. Electrician, Plumber, Air Conditioning, General contractors, Does Serve To Protect Choose who is right for the job?

No. Serve To Protect will assist the Home owner in the process of identifying potentially suitable candidates for a specific job. It is the home owner who will choose who to contract. It is the homeowner who will be responsible for the payment of the services provided to the third party. Serve to Protect will home sit while the work is being done and will assume no responsibility for the services being provided by third parties.

12.- We are currently renting our property on a seasonal/full-time basis. Is Serve To Protect Available?

Yes. Monthly inspections are valid. A monthly inspection clause must be inserted into the Lease Agreement prior to execution. Damages are not only caused by nature. Some tenants,  although timely in their payments, have little or no regards for the property,s wellbeing or maintenance. On the other hand, such services may increase rental income because the prospective tenant may view the property as well cared for and maintained.